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Bankruptcy Liquidator

Can a Bankruptcy Liquidator Also Handle Freight Claims?

When a big retail outlet, product distributor, or even manufacturer goes out of business, one of the biggest questions is what to do with the stock. Local bankruptcy sales rarely move enough merchandise to turn it all into cash before the deadline set by the court. Fortunately, there is a solution: Hire a bankruptcy liquidator to deal with it.

While some bankruptcy liquidators hold sales right in the affected stores, ones like Crazy Dave's Auctioneers & Liquidators are far more efficient. Crazy Dave's appraises all the merchandise in question, and then makes an offer on it all as a single lot. If the offer is accepted, the company then pulls up its trucks and loads everything up. The seller is paid, and that allows the bankruptcy proceeding to go on right away.

The nature of the merchandise doesn't matter much to this type of bankruptcy liquidator. Products left over from freight claims, warranty returns, and other such goods are acceptable. Of course, goods that are still in perfect condition will typically fetch higher offers, but the liquidator won't leave the seller stuck with their damaged, but still usable, freight claims.

After the products are acquired by the bankruptcy liquidator, they are resold through third-party outlets like flea markets and discount stores. There is no need for the bankruptcy trustee to deal with setting up locations for retail sales, dealing with hordes of bargain hunters, or any of that. Instead, the trustee can just present the receipt to the court to show that the stock has been properly sold.

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