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Want to Sell Your Inventory?

Do you have excess inventory sitting in a storage unit, garage or warehouse? No matter where it is Crazy Dave's can help.

If you run a business where you buy and sell physical goods, you probably noticed that sometimes the products are not as good as you thought they would be. That is problematic in many ways, but it remains a stock of slow-moving stocks.

If your warehouse is full of things that are not going anywhere, it is just a bad investment and it also takes up space that could be used for things you actually sell.

It is easy to see that the best thing you can do is get rid of unsold items to empty your warehouse. A good and easy way to do this is to sell your products through a wholesale liquidator. You will have to pay your rent and may be forced to rent more storage space or leased space from your existing leased space.

A team of wrappers will arrive to assess the lot and make an offer to you and your company. If you accept the offer, the company will bring your own trucks and transport your unwanted items to your warehouse.

This can help to preserve your brand while preventing ordinary end consumers from seeing the price that is sold in their normal stores. Liquidators can sell unwanted products at a lower price than if they had bought them.

At the same time, it gives those looking for a big discount the opportunity to buy things they would not normally even be exposed to.

This is the best solution for all concerned, but remember that if you do not get a higher price from a wholesale liquidator, it is easy to throw away. By eliminating the labor costs associated with moving, liquidation can save you the need to transport everything everywhere.

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